Wild rose classic facial

Experience a profound facial rejuvenation with our rose-infused skincare line, featuring a Gua Sha draining massage, LED  therapy and more.

In a seamless process, we elevate your complexion to radiate a natural, healthy glow. Our deep hydration treatment not only imparts a plump, revitalized appearance but also employs specialized draining movements using our signature Gua Sha tools to stimulate lymphatic circulation.

This promotes enhanced oxygenation, revitalizing skin suffocated by pollution, allowing it to breathe anew.

Elevate your skincare routine with our professionally curated transformative facial experience.

Facial includes: 

  • Double cleansing
  • Exfoliant
  • Deep cleanse: steam & extraction
  • Mask
  • Toner
  • High Frequency (if suitable)
  • Galvanic + Serum
  • Draining massage using Gua Sha tools
  • Full hand treatment (exfoliant, massage and mask)
  • LED lamp (10 min complimentary LED therapy. color of your choice) 
  • Moisturizer
  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Lips
  • Body
  • Hands
  • Normal
  • Dry
  • Oily
  • Combination
  • All Skin
  • Morning
  • Evening
  • Weekly
  • Morning or Evening
  • As desired