Sakura flower extract

Sakura flower extract

[ Scientific name — Prunus lannesiana ]

Sakura flower extract, derived from the blossoms of the cherry blossom tree, is a cherished ingredient in skincare. Renowned for its delicate beauty and cultural significance, sakura flower extract offers more than just visual appeal – it brings a range of skincare benefits.

Rich in antioxidants and natural compounds, this extract is valued for its ability to soothe and nourish the skin. Its gentle yet effective properties make it suitable for various skin types, helping to promote a radiant complexion, maintain hydration, and support overall skin health.

The infusion of sakura flower extract into skincare products adds a touch of elegance while contributing to the well-being of the skin.

Key benefits—
Antioxidant Protection
Hydration Enhancement
Brightening and Radiance
Skin Health Support

Derived from—

cherry blossom tree 

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