Oat kernel extract

Oat kernel extract

[ Scientific name — Prunus lannesiana ]

Oat Kernel Extract, a nurturing gem in the realm of skincare, brings the wholesome goodness of oats to your beauty routine. Derived from the heart of oats, this extract is a treasure trove of skin-loving compounds.

Its natural soothing properties make it a go-to ingredient for sensitive or irritated skin, providing relief and comfort. Packed with antioxidants and essential vitamins, Oat Kernel Extract helps shield the skin from environmental stressors and promotes a rejuvenated complexion.

Its hydrating prowess nourishes and revitalizes, contributing to a smoother and more supple texture. With its innate ability to support skin's health, Oat Kernel Extract embodies the union of nature and skincare, offering a gentle touch that caters to the needs of all skin types.

Key benefits—
Antioxidant Protection
Skin Relief for Irritation
Improved Skin Texture

Derived from—

Oat seeds

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