[ Scientific name — Prunus lannesiana ]

A vibrant botanical gift in skincare, harnesses the invigorating essence of its tall, aromatic stalks.

Extracted through careful methods, this ingredient carries a refreshing and revitalizing energy that transcends its origins. Known for its astringent and antiseptic properties, Lemongrass contributes to clarifying the skin and minimizing the appearance of pores.

Its natural, citrusy aroma offers a sensory escape during skincare rituals, uplifting the spirit and calming the mind. With its innate ability to balance, cleanse, and rejuvenate, Lemongrass seamlessly infuses vitality into skincare routines, revealing a luminous and invigorated complexion.

Key benefits—
Astringent Properties
Antiseptic Benefits
Uplifting Aroma
Skin Rejuvenation

Derived from—

Lemongrass leaves

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