Lavender extract

Lavender extract

[ Scientific name — Lavandula angustifolia ]

A serene treasure in skincare, captures the essence of the Lavandula plant through meticulous extraction. Bursting with natural aromatic compounds and soothing properties, this extract offers a bouquet of benefits for both skin and senses.

Renowned for its calming and balancing effects, Lavender Extract nurtures the skin and helps promote relaxation, making it a delightful addition to self-care routines. Its natural antiseptic properties aid in skin purification and blemish control, contributing to a clearer complexion.

With its gentle yet effective nature, it soothes irritated skin and supports overall skin health. Lavender Extract's aromatic charm adds a sensory indulgence, creating a tranquil harmony between botanical beauty and well-being.

As an emblem of serene elegance, Lavender Extract embodies the essence of nature's calming embrace, unveiling a holistic approach to radiant and serene skincare.

Key benefits—
Skin Balancing
Irritation Relief
Aromatic Relaxation

Derived from—

Lavender flowers

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