[ Scientific name —Calendula officinalis ]

Calendula also known as Marigold, a cherished botanical gem in the realm of skincare, brings the soothing essence of marigold flowers to your daily routine. Derived from the vibrant petals of the Calendula officinalis plant, this ingredient is a trusted ally for sensitive or delicate skin.

Revered for its anti-inflammatory and skin-calming properties, Calendula offers relief to redness and irritation, unveiling a complexion of tranquility. Its natural antiseptic qualities assist in promoting a clear and healthy skin tone.

With a history deeply rooted in herbal traditions, Calendula's gentle touch nourishes and revitalizes, making it a versatile ingredient in creams, serums, and balms.

As nature's answer to skin sensitivity, Calendula embodies the marriage of botanical wisdom and modern skincare, cultivating a canvas of comfort and radiance.

Key benefits—

Redness Reduction
Antiseptic Properties
Skin Nourishment

Derived from—

Marigold flower

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