Behenyl alcohol

Behenyl alcohol

[ Scientific name — Behenyl alcohol ]

Behenyl Alcohol, a versatile skincare ingredient, brings its unique attributes to the realm of beauty and wellness. Derived from natural sources like coconut, this fatty alcohol acts as a crucial emollient and texture enhancer in various skincare formulations.

Its rich and creamy consistency contributes to a luxurious feel upon application, leaving the skin soft and supple. With its conditioning properties, Behenyl Alcohol helps lock in moisture, promoting a hydrated and nourished complexion.

Moreover, it aids in stabilizing products, ensuring uniform distribution of ingredients. As a nurturing component in skincare, Behenyl Alcohol exemplifies the fusion of science and nature, adding a touch of indulgence to the journey towards radiant skin.

Key benefits—
Texture Enhancement
Hydration retention
Stabilization of Formulations

Derived from—

Coconut oil

Products including this Ingredient