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deep clean, hydrate, smooth, exfoliate and treat acne
125 ml / 4.2 oz

Bring your skin back to its natural function by double cleansing.

What is double cleansing?
It’s a technique founded by Korean/Japanese woman to achieve a clear skin.

The technique:
As the first step, an oil-based cleanser to remove oil-based impurities such as make up, sebum or sunscreen following by the next step, a water-based cleanser to remove water-based impurities such as sweat, pollution.

Starting your cleansing journey with an oil-based cleanser gives your second water-based cleanser a better chance to work its magic.

This will, in turn, help the next product steps in your routine penetrate more effectively.

NECTAR DE ROSE CLEANSING OIL | A nourishing oil cleanser formulated with jojoba, argan, olive oil, and rosehip oil to gently clarify and restore the skin without over-drying it for healthy, dewy-looking skin.

FLEUR DE ROSE FACE WASH | A gentle, low foaming, vitamin-rich face wash formulated to deep clean and provide moisture for vibrant, healthy, and glowing skin.

Receive a free face towel made of organic cotton and soft linen with the Double cleanse duo.



x1 Nectar de Rose cleansing oil (125 ml)

x1 Fleur de Rose face wash (125 ml)

x1 Organic cotton & linen face towel


For more information about each product, please refer to their respective product pages.

100% Natural
Recycled & Recyclable
Vegan Friendly
Cruelty Free
  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Lips
  • Body
  • Hands
  • Normal
  • Dry
  • Oily
  • Combination
  • Day
  • Night
  • Monthly
  • Day or Night
  • As desired

  • - Achieve clear skin - Deep cleanse - More efficient skincare (allow other skin care products to penetrate deeper) - Reset natural skin function - Revitalize dull skin - Healthy looking skin

1. Take 3 pump of Nectar de Rose cleansing oil and massage in (on dry skin).

2. Use our face towel made of organic cotton (included with the duo) to clean the excess of oil. Pass the towel under lukewarm water than wipe off the excess of oil.

3. Wash off with Fleur de rose gentle face wash, the water-based cleanser.

4. Gently pad dry and continue with the rest of your routine.

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