Skincare Routine for Sensitive skin

Step 1.
Double Cleanse Routine. Cleanse face with Revitalizing Nectar De Rose Cleansing Oil and combine it with soothing Fleur de Rose Face Wash to remove all dirt, pollution and make-up. 

Step 2.
Toner. Soothing Rosa Damascena Floral Toner. Calming and soothing the face and preparing the face for the next moisturizing step.

Step 3.
Moisturize your skin with Conditioning Vitamin E Face Balm.

Extra advice: Use Exfoliator Radiating Wild Rose Petal Face Polish to get rid of dead skincells.
Use Pure C Active Face Boosting Face mask, once a week to boost your skin and to hydrate.

Pro tip: Also use Radiating Rose Eye Cream for nourishing the thin and delicate area under your eyes.